The dependable partner for your feed ingredients

As a manufacturer of pet food, feed or aqua feed, you want to offer your customers absolute certainty that your products are consistently produced to the highest standards. With our ingredients, you can make that promise. We make sure all our high-quality animal proteins and feeding fats exemplify safety, reliability and value, enabling you to continually provide essential nutrients, improve feed efficiency, and make more palatable products. 

View our Products Safety and Quality Policy Statement.

With DAR PRO Ingredients, you can help ensure your customers are getting feed ingredients that are consistently produced to the highest standards.

Manufacturer benefits

  • Essential nutrients
  • Natural
  • Fully traceable & compliant
  • Consistent quality
  • Wide range of choices
  • Optimize recipes
  • Add sustainability, reduce carbon footprint

Animal benefits

  • High nutritional value
  • High palatability
  • High digestibility