Your residuals, tomorrow’s resources

At DAR PRO Ingredients, we take the used oil, fat and trap materials collected nationwide by DAR PRO Solutions and repurpose them, creating valuable industrial and renewable energy markets. Our innovative and varied application of industrial co-products and residual materials places us among the world’s pioneers in sustainable business. 

Partnering with DAR PRO means reducing your carbon footprint and improving your customers’ sustainability

At DAR PRO Ingredients,  we contribute to maintaining a healthy environment in three important ways: 

  1. We divert carbon- and nitrogen-rich materials away from the soil, surface waters, ground water and the atmosphere through effective recycling; 
  2. We transform the carbon and nitrogen we capture into useful products, thus reducing the production of greenhouse gases that result when new products are produced and later discarded.
  3. We help prevent pathogens from entering the soil or groundwater.

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