Nutritional, functional, sustainable solutions

DAR PRO Ingredients is a global leader in animal nutrition solutions. Whether you are a manufacturer of pet food, livestock feed or aqua feed, we can provide you with essential and customizable fats and proteins that will enhance the quality and value of your product, while also improving your sustainability performance.

Whether you operate a large meat or poultry processing plant or a cattle business, we understand you need a reliable, responsible and professional service provider to handle your inedible meat co-products or remove animal mortalities. For centuries, this material was rendered to make soap. Today, rendering is the most effective and bio-secure solution for the disposal of your operation’s inedible animal co-products. By partnering with DAR PRO Ingredients, you are actively protecting our environment by diverting millions of tons of material from landfills as we recycle it into feed ingredients, consumer and industrial products and renewable fuels. DAR PRO Ingredients creates a broad line of fats and proteins that contribute to nutritional balance and digestibility in pet food, feed and aqua feed solutions.

A unique trio creating renewable resources from co-products

DAR PRO Ingredients works in close alliance with DAR PRO Solutions and DAR PRO Bioenergy to create sustainable ingredients. DAR PRO Solutions delivers professional residuals management services (used cooking oils, organic co-products) to restaurants, food-service establishments, animal and meat processors and supermarkets and is the market leader in North America. At DAR PRO Bioenergy and DAR PRO Ingredients, we take the co-products collected by DAR PRO Solutions and repurpose them. DAR PRO Bioenergy is one of the world’s pioneers in creating biodiesel and renewable diesel.

A more sustainable world

By becoming a part of our unique residuals-to-resources approach, you will improve your sustainability performance and help us contribute to an ecologically and economically more sustainable world.